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Vision & Values

Our vision:

We strive to respect and protect both the uniqueness of Aravaipa Farms and its surrounding ecosystem. We believe preservation is best done through sharing our experience with others and responsibly utilizing our natural resources to benefit the Arizona community.

Our values:

  • Stewards of the Land – We owe the existence of Aravaipa Farms to the canyon’s incredibly distinct ecosystem, so preserving and respecting that environment is our top priority. We utilize organic and environmentally responsible practices throughout operations of both the orchard and inn, including:
    • Minimizing water usage
    • Improving farming techniques
    • Encouraging biodiversity
    • Minimizing, recycling, and composting waste
    • Utilizing eco-friendly supplies
    • Minimizing transportation
  • Purposeful growth – At Aravaipa Farms, there is a symbiotic relationship between the inn and the orchard — ensuring mutual reliance between our business and the surrounding earth. We are in a fragile ecosystem so every aspect of growth must have a purpose beyond profit. Profit will always be necessary to remain self-sustaining, but it will never be our only driving force.
  • Small-Scale Focus – Aravaipa Farms is a quaint, family-run inn that is committed to maintaining its charming experience while co-existing with a small-scale, working orchard. This allows us to focus on hospitality by providing personalized service to all guests.
  • Learning from history – Aravaipa Canyon has a unique history. We will remember each stage before us, preserve what we can, and improve wherever possible.


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