Wednesday, July 18th 2018


Aravaipa Farms Orchard and Inn is the perfect escape for any corporate retreat, workshop, reunion, event, or meeting. Our staff is fully prepared to help assist and organize every aspect of your stay, including transportation, onsite activities, meetings, and, of course, meals. The upscale rustic themed property features a 3 bedroom casita with full kitchen, 5 newly renovated casitas, complimentary WIFI, an exclusive 2 acre Executive Garden, over 30 different CNG approved (Certified Naturally Grown) fruits, vegetables, and nuts, a dining hall, a resort-style pool, and indoor venue space. Plus, a beautifully unique outdoor function space accentuates both the picturesque surroundings of the canyon and the serene nature of the farm.

Nationally acclaimed portrait artist, Ted Nuttall, has been holding Artist workshops at Aravaipa Farms for years.

“Aravaipa Farms is my favorite place to hold workshops. The tranquility and unique artist retreat of of the Inn and the beauty of the Canyon make this a special place for artists. I hold workshops every year here and plan to continue for years to come.”

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Call Laura to make a reservation (520) 261-7373 or
89395 E. Aravaipa Rd.,
Winkelman, AZ 85192

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