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Nourished by the Arizona sunshine and well water derived from the spring-fed creek that transects our land, the original orchard was planted some 50 years ago by landowner Bill Farney. However, these fertile lands have been sustaining Native American farming cultures for millennia. Non-fruit bearing trees on property include several gigantic specimins of Eucalyptus trees, standing 100 feet call, as well as a giant Tamarisk and California Pepper trees, all of which add to the shaded allure of the inn.


Our mature orchard produces two types of Asian Pears, Hasu and Ya-li. You’ll see them growing at the orchard’s south end. The orchard’s north side bears apricots, peaches, kumquats and apples.


Elsewhere on our grounds you’ll find trees dripping with Navel oranges, Valencia oranges, tangelos, Pink and Ruby Red grapefruits, Meyer lemons, Libson lemons, mandarins, Mexican limes, Mission figs, Golden figs and pomegranates.


Starting in 2016, after consulting with numerous hydrology and ecology experts to ensure the most responsible approach, we thinned, trimmed, and revitalized the orchard with the planting of new fruit bearing trees.


Growing delicious, organic produce is a labor of love for us at Aravaipa Farms. While you are a guest of The Inn, we invite you to freely enjoy the fruits of our labor. Please ask before you pick. We will let you know what’s ripe and how much you are welcome to take home with you. Always be cautious when walking our property as the terrain is rough and uneven. Beware of ditches, holes, ants, bees, wasps and poisonous snakes. It’s their home, too.

Aravaipa Farms occasionally hosts Bushel Days where non-guests of the Inn are invited to pick their own fruits and pay by the pound. Look for our produce sold alongside that of Sleeping Frog Farms at select farmers markets in Tucson, including Heirloom Farmers Market at Rillito Park (Sundays), Food in Root Market at St. Philips (seasonally on Sundays) and Food Bank Market at San Augustin’s Plaza (Thursdays).


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